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LASIK with the Technolas ACE Eye Tracker

Santa Monica, Rancho Cucamonga, Burbank

from Technolas Perfect Vision.

No other LASIK system available in the US can compensate for eye rotation during the LASIK treatment. Both the Technolas ACE and VISX S4 IR (Abbot Medical Optics, Santa Ana, CA) trackers compensate for the cyclorotation of the eye that can occur between the sitting position during critical diagnostic measurements and lying down on the LASIK bed. However, only the Technolas ACE tracker can adjust the delivery of laser pulses in response to eye rotation during the LASIK treatment. Further, the Technolas ACE system is enabled for both conventional and custom wavefront-guided LASIK treatments, while the VISX S4 IR tracker cannot adjust for cyclotorsion associated with conventional LASIK treatments.

The eyetrackers of the Wavelight and Ladarvision lasers (Alcon Laboratories, Fort Worth, TX) cannot compensate for eye rotation at all. The Wavelight system employs a four-point LED illumination pattern that the patient views, known as NeuroTrack™, which the company claims prevents any rotation during the procedure; however, no clinical data is available to confirm that this is indeed the case. In fact, a recent large study by Emory University using the Wavelight laser demonstrated that astigmatic eyes were nearly twice as likely as non-astigmatic eyes to require a touch up or enhancement procedure following LASIK. Increased enhancement rates among astigmatic eyes could be indicative of eye rotation during the treatment that goes unchecked.

This new eyetracker also doubles the speed of tracking so as to allow the laser to rapidly adjust to the eye’s movements; response time with ACE is now under 7 milliseconds, or 0.007 seconds. ACE also adjusts for the pupil center shifting that can occur between light and dark settings, critical to the proper centering of customized LASIK treatments over the pupil.

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